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Turn Over a New Leaf 31 Day Challenge [Giveaway + Contest]

Turn Over a New Leaf 31 Day Challenge

Challenge yourself to a better you by adopting new, good habits – whether that means eating better, getting more exercise, making more time for yourself, or another better-for-you goal. Throughout January, Chopped Leaf will share daily tips and motivation to help you keep to your resolution.

These daily posts will be published on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, so follow us! See the calendar below to know which profile we will use on which day.



Every day, we will give away a $15 gift card when you respond to our posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

At the end of the month, we want to hear from you about the positive changes you’ve made in your life or how Chopped Leaf has helped you.  Share your story in a comment below or in an email to 31days@choppedleaf.ca before Friday, February 3rd and you can get a chance to win a grand prize.

One lucky participant will receive our grand prize (value $2,500) of: 1) a $1,000 gift card to Chopped Leaf; 2) a full-year membership to any GoodLife Fitness locations across Canada; and 3) a spa and well-balanced lifestyle package.

Find the rules and regulations here.


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  • I’ve tried so many fads over the years. It’s time to get fit, get healthy, and be able to keep up with my kids!

    • Thank you and we’re rooting for you!

  • Hi chopped leaf! I just want to say a big THANK YOU! I am a busy teacher with two other part time jobs, so finding time to make healthy meals can sometimes be a challenge for me. Eating well, exercising, and taking care of myself has always been a top priority to me. Because of your delicious, nutritious, quick, and convenient meal options, I am able to accomplish these healthy lifestyle goals even on the busiest of days. I wish more places took initiatives like chopped leaf! Thanks again! And seriously- the goddess dressing!! Delicious!!


  • I’ve set a goal weight, and am now trying to eat healthier & work out from my home treadmill 3-4 times a week (my original, before I actually got the treadmill, was to run everyday…. I now know that’s not gonna happen for me!!). I recently tried Chopped Leaf and am hooked!

  • I have a severe health condition that makes it very hard to exercise, but this year my goal is to remember I can do some things like gentle walking, eating the best I can which also reduces pain and trying to have more positivity in my life. So far I am doing well. I am drinking homemade vegetable juices daily, walking with my dog when able, meditating, letting things bother me less and being more optimistic. I love Chopped Leaf because I don’t have to compromise on what I have committed to eating because I’m not making it myself:)

  • I am trying to get outside more frequently in 2017, as well ensure that we incorporate leafy greens with (almost) every dinner. So far, I have done well with both as I have a reminder both in my daily calendar and on my fridge, but let’s see how it is at the end of the month.

  • I was tired of being tired all the time, finding it hard to hike, being out of breath just going up 3 floors and overall not liking my appearance anymore. So last year, I did some serious research about nutrition and supplements, and made some drastic permanent changes to my diet, cutting out almost all wheat gluten and a good percentage of cow dairy, along with a few other changes. I’ve also increased my workout. Since April last year, I have lost 33 pounds, feel more energy almost all the time, feel healthier of course too, and with all the weight loss, look better than ever! One of the hard thing for me was to figure out what and where to eat out. The Chopped Leaf was an awesome place for my new way of life, lots of ways to have gluten free food, and best of all, my favorites were still perfect for me (Wild mushroom soup and Salad rolls with Prawns)! Since it is one of my favorite restaurant, it was an added bonus!! Love you guys, keep doing what you are doing!!

  • New year resolution for myself and husband is to eat healthier get more exercise and loose approximately 20 pounds each. So far he is down 5.7 and I am down 3.5 so it’s a start.

  • Hi Chopped Leaf,

    my name is Patrick and I stop for delicious, nutritious meals at chopped leaf regularly. My favourite option is the whole bowl #1. I want to tell you about the “new leaf” challenge I set for myself this month. An opportunity recently presented itself for my girlfriend and I to run a 25 km trail run on May long weekend in the mountains. We decided together that this would be a perfect new challenge and goal for us to accomplish together and have already started our training. We are going to be eating as much healthy food as possible in order to keep us on track, and would be excited to have chopped leaf as part of the journey.

    We would like to wish everyone luck on their fitness journeys in 2017.

    Thanks chopped leaf for all your healthy options!


  • I try to stay active and eat food that fuels me with vitamins and nutrients. Chopped Leaf offers a convenient and tasty way to keep my personal goals on those days that I slip in my meal planning. Thanks

  • Walking at least 3 times a week

  • Chopped leaf helps me in so many ways, I turn to you guys after a workout to get a great source of protein and full serving of veggies. with being so convenient and only $10.50 for my go-to meal it’s a no brainer that I choose you. I started “my fitness journey” in April of 2016, so far I’ve lost 10 pounds. my goal wasn’t really to lose weight but to just feel and look healthier. can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

  • I’ve been wanting to make changes in 2017. My New Years resolution was to be more fit and healthy. But I had no idea where to start. I joined a gym but that wasn’t good enough. Chopped leaf helped me with my healthy choices of lunch and supper! its still a process but at least I’m not pulling into the McDonald’s drive thru anymore!

  • Working 12-15 hour days can make it extreamly challanging to eat healthy and get the proper excerise you need. with chopped the eating healthy aspect is taken care of. being able to grab breakfast to go, lunch/supper for later and then be on your way makes it very convenient. And because these creations a chef inspired they taste awesome.
    I eat chopped several times weekly and I love it. Whole bowl #2 with chicken is my fav!!

  • I am both vegan and gluten intolerant. I love how easy it is to find options at Chopped Leaf. It makes eating out for lunch easy and quick!

  • I’ve tried all kinds of diets and nothing gets rid of this weight gain. So healthy eating, no more than 1500 calories a day and the elliptical. Fingers crossed ? day by day, little by little.

  • I am trying to find more ways to eat healthier and getting active with my family!

  • My husband and I have made such a great lifestyle change and I am so very proud of ourselves! We went from having two coffees a day (one in aft one in morn) to just having one in the morning. We used to drink everyday! My husband would have his beer and I would have at least one glass of wine daily and more on the weekend. Coming from a family where my dad was an alcohol this concerned me. We have slowed down on our alcohol intake 🙂 It has been 3 weeks since I have had a drink and when I will have one it will be on a special occasion or weekend when I am feeling it. I have cut out pop and drink lots of water, I walk my daughter to and from school daily instead of drive, we are eating out less and eating more healthy home cooked meals which include more veggies and we love eating fruit on a daily. We are feeling absolutely wonderful through these great changes and hope to take it further with getting in a work out at least 3 times a week! How wonderful would this be !!

  • Trying make sure I stand up and move around at least once an hour from my desk job. Also get to yoga twice a week instead of once-sure helps with stress management! Aim to get my daily 2.5 km walk in rain or shine!!

  • Start each day with a positive thought and one goal.

  • well i quit smoking find it really hard but trying to stay strong went out bought a vitamix blender and now making smoothy i take oil of oregan everyday learned more about what spices are healthy for you end of month going to start exercising so not doing to bad

  • Hi Chopped Leaf!

    In our ever busy lives you give our family of 4 an incredible fast and affordable option for nutritious and delicious food when cooking at home isn’t doable! You’ve helped encourage my husband especially to eat better and realize how amazing and fun “healthy” food can be and he has lost 20 pounds in the past 2 months just from eating more greens and fruits!

  • I’ve been doing really well for over a year but then Christmas holiday’s came and the kids were home and life got in the way! Getting back into the routine is starting to help, even though I miss a day here or there, trying to get back on track. With eating, that’s a little tougher! I need to start meal prepping because that was what was working for me before. Having something easily available that’s healthy vs bad for me, that’s the key! I have really enjoyed trying a few bowls since Chopped Leaf is right next to my gym and the water is devine!!

  • Love Chopped Leaf! Winning that grand prize would be amazing!
    Would definitely treat friends and family to an amazing lunch…several times
    Keep doing what you do!

  • Also… have a goal weight in mind for my wedding in May of this year…
    Just getting back to exercise after surgery. Only 4 months to go until wedding…. but I got this!

  • January is always a hard month to get back into routine. Kids go back to school, husband goes back to work, and I start planning for my business for the year. The emails start piling up, school forms go unsigned, and the kids are bouncing off the walls from not being able to play outside as much. I get so busy I forget to eat during the day and then go crazy snacking after the kids go to bed so I am working on that. Getting back into a routine of exercise and eating well is more important than ever! Getting some extra help with meals would definitely help the stress of running between events and activities!

  • Positive changes I’ve made and been making have been trying to make more home cooked meals instead of buying take out.

  • This year my goal is to eat more whole foods, natural foods. Less processed foods. I hope to incorporate this into our family as a whole. I’m an active person and not so concerned with too much weight loss, but I’m optimistic that we’ll all lose a few pounds just by eliminating the junk. Making this a lifestyle, not some new year resolution, that’s my goal.

  • Chopped Leaf as help me created positive changes in my life. When I don’t have time to cook healthy meals, Chopped Leaf is my to go place. It’s healthy and inexpensive.

  • So my whole life I have always been heavy . I have done weight watchers I’ve done Atkins , eat right for your blood type . I’ve had trainers and exercise classes and all sorts of other things I’ve tried it .
    I recently have finally found a place in my heart and head where I actually like who I am ! So this being said has allowed me to embark on this new journey . I have adopted a no carb no sugar lifestyle! While I am not familiar with this kind of eating I am learning! This will be a new and exciting journey and one I am looking forward to enjoying !

  • We try to be healthy by doing something active everyday in addition to our exercise routine. For example, skating with the family, skiing with friends, going for a walk, taking the stairs and parking further away from our destination.

  • So excited that Chopped Lead is coming to Ladner. Love that you offer a healthy, fresh and delicious option for fast food for our family!

  • Love chopped leaf! Such a great option for ‘fast food’ that is healthy and with so many choices!

  • theres no time like now to get into shape

  • I have been making small changes that I hope will lead to a bug impact. I have drastically increased my water intake and I have been moving more at work. I set a timer and make sure I walk around the office once an hour.

  • We’re purging things we don’t need! We’re getting outside with the boys more! We’re doing everything we can in 2017 to live the best lives we can!

    We only get one of them, right?

  • Yoga, clean eating, living in the present and trying to reduce stress! And when you have a set back just keep going, it’s ok!

  • As a mom of teens we eat out a lot. Sporting events, movies,shopping etc.have us on the go. So for me to have a real healthy option, is amazing. I no longer need to wait to get home to eat and i do not need to accept less than ideal options from fast food chains. I am excited to be down 30lbs

  • My goal for 2017 is to get more active, starting with little things like taking a walk after dinner. We were doing well with healthy eating for a long time, but in the last couple of months we’ve lot a bit of the habit, so it’s a priority to me to get back to basics this year. Back to fresh, unprocessed foods and drop the sugar. There are a couple of Chopped Leaf restaurants near me and I love the chef salads to help me maintain my healthy eating plan even when I’m out!

  • One of the most positive changes I’ve made is practicing gratitude by mindfully acknowledging something to be thankful for in moments when I would naturally find myself complaining. A thankful heart is a healthy heart!

  • I’ve had to make changes to my usual routine due to a recent move. I’ve been making sure I get out and walk every day and avoid the easily accessible fast food now around me! Luckily there’s a Chopped Leaf right nearby!

  • This would be a great way to help me reach my health goals!!

  • Taking more time for myself and exercise

  • I’ve never been to your restaurant but some the options sound amazing!
    Some positive life changes I’ve made address to work out for at least 30 minutes a day, drink plenty of water, eat whole foods, I make just about everything from scratch where I can and I can a lot of my food each summer. Making consistent healthy choices all comes down to a mindset change. Once you maker the change and stick to it it’s hard to go back!

  • This year I am trying to eat more fresh veggies. Salads have been my go-to, but getting bored with the basics is my challenge. Your salads look amazing! Looking forward to trying them soon!!!

  • It’s so easy to think of the negative things in life but itvshould be even easier to concentrate in the positive ones. My goal this year is to not only lose weight but get healthy, more active and hopefully be the patient mother my 2 rambunctious boys need.

  • I would live to introduce my family to a healthier lifestyle. We definitely will be in to see all you have to offer. ?

  • At the beginning of this year I decided it was about me and getting back to the me I love! I’ve had 2 kids in less than 2 years so it’s been 3.5 years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve started with a personal trainer and so far have achieved my results, still have a long way to go but being 2 weeks in I already feel great. I’m making healthier meal/snack choices and therefore my family is as well. Having a chance to win this fantastic prize would help my goal become a reality! Thank you for the opportunity

  • Baby steps to make overall changes it the only way that has ever worked for me, I got off track for a while but trying to get back on again as I know I can do it.

  • Dealing with two picky eaters as a single working parent is hard. Doing it while navigating cancer treatment is just a “bonus”.
    I’m glad to have a “fast food” in you guys near both home and work for some of my super busy days. It makes it easier for me to make good choices in food on the go.

  • I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I DO believe in the opportunity to better ourselves daily. Right now I’m working on balance – with my exercise, my nutrition and my rest. Exercise makes me happy, nutrition is a passion and sometimes I sacrifice the necessary sleep to do those things. I’m working on that.

    Also, for us we are a “Chopped Family”. We love that our local store is a safe place to take our daughter, who’s 7 with Celiac disease. Not only is the food safe for her, it’s also good for her and for that we’re abundantly thankful!

  • I’ve been really fit my entire life .. until I got pregnant and suddenly I am 80 lbs heavier than I have ever been in my life, and struggling to lose it. This year I am working on eating healthier because I still have eating habits from when I was 107 lbs and couldn’t gain weight if I tried. I’m staying away from fads because I want this to be something that sticks for lasting weight loss!

  • That time in life when 40 has either come knocking, or already took its shoes and jacket off is here. Realizing that feeling fit and better doesn’t have to be a big deal with effort. I’m there now and could use a push in the right direction.

  • First off love chopped leaf for nutritious options. my new years resolution is feel good. There are a few ways I resolve to do this eat good foods, exercise regularly and take time for mysel and do things that make me happy. I love spending time with my daughter and going out for lunch/dinner she is a vegetarian and places where there is a lot of choice is hard. I know if we go to chopped leaf there are tons of options for her. This is something that makes me happy and I get to spend precious time with her. I have always wanted to try out good life gym too.

  • Awesome! thanks for the challenge and for the chance to win these great prizes!! Have been trying to drink more water and get some more workouts in. Making some meal plans so it doesn’t end up being takeout. #NewLeaf32DayChallenge <3

  • Hubby and I are trying to stick to healthier eating and lifestyles, but when things get busy it’s take out and snacks. We are trying to eat more in home meals.

  • I have just heard about this; but it’s never too late to start…right?!!

  • I am a firm believer in living healthy and making good choices to be active. But I wasn’t always that way, a few years ago I saw my mother in law make drastic changes to her diet and add exercice she lost 30 lbs. I thought to myself if she can do it in her 70’s I can do it in my 40’s . It was time to stop the excuses. With the help of a book with some meal plans and light exercising I dropped 40 lbs. I have managed to keep most of it off but still want to continue on this journey. I recently got a gym membership and plan to use it. I think the important thing to remember is that it will not happen over night and that when you do mess up put that day behind you and restart. We owe it to ourselves to be the healtiest we can be and our loved ones.

  • It’s the little things that make the biggest impact! Thanks for the contest!

  • Trying to cure an ulcer that has been around for over 5 years by eating healthier. This would be a big help!

  • I am working hard to buy healthy groceries, cook at home, and appreciate every morsel I eat. It is working! I feel good about my choices.

  • Home cooked meals with only 1-2 times per month of eating out. However when eating out, it is still important to choose wisely and do your homework on the menu ahead of time. Important to pick healthy, and no fast food options. I always say to myself, it is better to wait to finish a home cooked meal and be hungry than just grab something quick on the way home from work! After all the saying “You are what you eat” is true! “You” have control what you consume 100%!

  • I usually strayed away from “healthy” restaurants because of the stereotypes they created. Chopped Leaf erased that in one visit when we were invited out to lunch by friends of ours. Now, as the new year starts, I think a weekly trip or two to chopped leaf will help health resolutions be more reachable.

  • we try to eat healthy and home cooked meals. My husband is working on quitting smoking too(and doing great!!) so i’d love to surprise him with the gym membership!

  • The positive changes I’ve made have been eating healthier and cutting out more junk food that I don’t need.

  • I’ve managed to kick the coca cola habit, drink more water, and eat better. This would go a long way towards an even better diet when out and about. Thanks for the chance.

  • This year is all about me, and putting the focus on taking care of me. After suffering a life changing injury years ago, I changed in so many ways, but my health was the biggest. I said that 2017 is about small changes that stick, changing my life, not so much about losing the weight that I need so desperately to lose. Every day is about doing something physical, even if it is only 5 squats, because the next week hopefully it can be 10! I want to be healthy and happy and not have to worry about health issues that carrying all of this extra weight causes.

  • I live with pain everyday, changing to all Organic Foods has stopped the pain altogether and helped me lose weight….too bad it’s so bloody expensive.

  • Positive changes my family of 4 is making is to move more and sit less, we are all trying to be more active. We are also watching what we eat.

  • I lost my mom unexpectedly last year, and the weight has piled on. Some positive changes that I have made to get back to myself is I’ve gotten a personal trainer 2x/week, and I have started to eat better, eating breakfast, fruits and veggies and very little processed foods!
    I would absolutely love to win this. I am getting married in a year, and this would be the perfect way to help me achieve my goals! I don’t have a gym membership, so winning this would really mean the world – and how perfect – the draw date (February 3rd) is EXACTLY one year from my wedding date!!

  • Hi there! I decided to put myself out there and signed up for a M/W/F 6:30am bootcamp where I don’t know anybody and day #1 is in the books. I’ve never tried Chopped but think it’s going to fit in nicely with my goals!

  • The positive changes I am trying to make are to eat better and make time for physical exercise everyday !

  • I have completely changed my eating due to being a borderline diabetic. So far i have lost 20 lbs and my sugars are back under control. I also in the last 2 weeks made the final decision to quit smoking after 20+ years. First week was a little tough but now the smell disgusts me. I’m so proud of myself for making these changes and can’t wait to continue on becoming more healthy this year. Thank you for your wonderful wraps contributing to my healthy eating.

  • I started yoga this year to help cope with my mental and health disorder i have. I am currently taking some well needed time off to bring myself back to the positive person i used to be. Wish me luck.

  • This 2017 is a NEW YEAR of many changes. #1 NO alcohol. I removed ALL toxic people in my life. I am see positive changes already in my mood and weight. I am a more grateful person taking one day at a time. I grateful Journal daily to be thankful of what I have, not what I do not have. I am a much happier person for these changes.

  • I play soccer 4 nights a week so I often don’t have time to make dinner at home. As a result, I usually end up grabbing fast food for dinner. I always used to choose pizza or fried food, but now that there is a Chopped Leaf in my neighbourhood, it is easy to grab something healthy and wholesome instead. I actually crave food from The Chopped Leaf more than any other restaurant food available and I feel so much better after eating it instead of less healthy options.

  • I am not a diet fad person of any sort. Dealt to much with that when I was younger and foolish , I love myself now and allow myself to indulge and be happy through food when I want to be. I do take time everyday to count my blessings , detoxing your mind also detoxs your body. I only drink water ( 95%) of the time usually warm and alot of times with lemon. I bake almost everything I home, i do not like processed food from a box or package, I will indulge once in awhile of course ,but it has not been a staple. I have enjoyed reading the daily posts. I do flexibility and body stretches everyday . I take a least a 5 minute walk everyday. I find even the tiniest step a positive if you just keep moving. I keep myself sane by not counting any calorie , I have not stepped on a scale for over 20 years as a weight issue , I think you need to positively love yourself first before you can make any other change and I am so grateful I am at and contributing to that step.

  • A New Year usually means resolutions that fade away after a week or so. Not this year- we are still going strong. Notice the word “we” ? My husband this year started mid fall with an exercise program but our eating habits remained the same. Not a lot of junk food, but a lot of food. So January 2, we grocery stopped with a plan and recipes in hand. We vowed to eat out in healthy restaurants such as our local The Chopped Leaf. I feel great, with more energy than I ever had. My digestive health is wonderful and we have turned over a new page in our lives. Thanks for the encouragement and great food you offer.

  • In January I started an 8 week exercise program with my husband. We are 4 weeks in and feel a lot of changes in our strent and physique already. I also joined a women’s soccer league. At home we have stopped buying any junk food when we shop…out of sight out of mind…and only go have something as a treat if we really want it. We also decided to eat 3 vegetarian meals a week to help our digestion by giving it a break from meat. Chopped leaf is a healthy alternative when we need food in a rush!

  • I started with a couple small positive changes, and it’s incredible how that’s snowballed into big dreams! I’m not following any “plan,” but I’m adding in fresh, whole foods every where that I can! I drink lemon water instead of wine in the evenings, and I’m logging lots of time on the elliptical machine! Yippee!!! Another positive change is the time I’ve put into launching my health and lifestyle blog! Local, effortless, and healthy meal plans will be a big part of blogging this year! This contest is absolutely amazing and inspiring!

  • Well, my 31 days started back in September… 🙂 And The Chopped Leaf has been instrumental in my losing over 30 pounds (more than halfway to my goal weight) and attaining a number on the scale that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years! As a former fast food junkie, The Chopped Leaf helped me to learn how I should feel after I eat. I feel satisfied and “good”. My cravings for junk food were quickly replaced for craving the feeling I get after a meal from The Chopped Leaf. I never had to sacrifice taste or convenience. I could order online and swing by after work. The soup of the day has been my secret weapon – so many low calorie and healthy options. I am so thankful to have The Chopped Leaf to help me reach my goals. Winning the grand prize would mean so much to me – helping me to reach my fitness goals and continuing to have The Chopped Leaf to support me (even more often than now) with my nutrition goals. Thank you for being part of my support system on my journey to wellness! #31Days

  • There was a time in my life that I struggled more with health and nutrition.
    After I ended my time as a competitive swimmer, (where I had coached, supervised, twice daily (or more) workouts and weekend swim meets), sudden changes had to be made to my diet, fitness routine, and nutrition.
    I altered my diet as gaining weight happened quickly. No more indulging in whatever I felt like whenever.
    Simply cutting calories was not the answer. Working out too hard also had opposite of the effect I wanted.
    Losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining muscle, or just generally feeling fit and healthy comes from eating a balanced, natural, nutritious, and flavourful diet. Fibre, antioxidants and good fats are all important. Chocolate is important too… well being able to indulge in treats is important. 😉 Moderation is key. 
    Regular exercise and keeping your body moving is very important. Find activities you like and stick with them. It is so much easier to stay active! To be quite honest I know in January that all those extra bodies in the pool won’t be in my way for too much longer! For me fresh air is key too… I like to cycle and walk outdoors. I love exploring the outdoors with our fit dog too! I still swim lengths regularly year-round, though not competitively, and swim outdoors in the summer when possible. Eating food such as at The Chopped Leaf makes positive healthy eating fun, tasty, quick, and nutritious!
    I get off work after a full work day, head straight to the pool or for a bike ride… often tired and under protest (in my own head LOL!) I always feel better afterwards. Healthy living with healthy food choices such as at Chopped Leaf will help turn over a new leaf… or take you to the next step in your life challenge!
    Turn Over A New Leaf. Chopped Leaf. Positive Changes in Life. January 31-Day Challenge.

  • Happier from positive thoughts each day. Eating more whole food means I have more energy!!

  • I embrace every day as an opportunity for success, if you practice gratitude and focus on small, non-intimidating goals (like, eat a good breakfast, eat real foods, go for a walk!) you can sustain a healthy lifestyle without making it a huge ordeal!

  • For years you would go out to get something to eat and a menu would have 1 or 2 healthy options that were not that tasty! When I walk into The Chopped Leaf I know I can get anything on the menu and it will be a healthy option and very satisfying and delicious. You introduced me to fruit infused water and made it so much easier to give up pop a couple years ago. I still struggle with not always making the best nutritional choices but keep trying. Thanks for making my healthier eating journey a lot easier.

  • It’s great to be able to grab something healthy when life is busy and you need to eat. I would still be eating fast food every day if you hadn’t come into my life and helped me get on track with healthy choices! Thank you!!!

  • You know how when someone else makes you a sandwich it always tastes better? Well the same is true for salads…and frankly anything else prepared by the Chopped Leaf. After I discovered our local Chopped Leaf, it has been effortless to get more vegetables and (delicious) healthy meals in my diet, especially at lunch. Since the start of the New Year I have lost 5lbs and I just FEEL better and more energetic. So thank you very much for this contest and opportunity!

  • Hey Chopped Leaf!
    I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions because I simply don’t keep them, so the thought of changing something in my life on January 1 was – in my mind – predestined for failure. What I did in lieu of resolving to change was take steps to change my lifestyle. This included changing my home/daily routines, change my eating, change my physicality, change my perspective, change my language, and change my self-talk. I am taking steps to better organize myself so that it is easier to make better choices through my day. I am becoming more physical and finding the joy in exercise again. I am finding work/life balance buy turning the phone off at night and leaving my job in my car (I do on-the-road sales) and allocating more “me” time. I am focusing on the positives and finding learning opportunities in defeat. A big part of this is finding healthy options when I’m on the road (when planning fails me) and Chopped Leaf has been a lifesaver! I can pick up a salad top go with enough protein to fulfill my needs. And with more location around its becoming easier to stop by for a healthy lunch than a drive-thru burger meal, a previous bag habit. So thank you for that.

  • Positive changes I’ve made are getting to three cardio classes a week and eating healthier on the go!

  • It all starts with a well balanced, high fibre/protein diet. Everything else follows. That what chopped leaf represents for me. Starting with the basics, wholesome nutritious foods that can help boost your physical and mental health. I now got all of my friends hooked! Thank you chopped leaf!

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