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Franchise Package

Revolutionizing Fast Food
fast, fresh, flavorful

The Chopped Leaf revitalizes the fast food industry with a fresh new concept of chef designed salads, wraps, and soups. Salads and wraps get the opportunity to be personalized with over 50 ingredients to choose from. A variety of freshly made soups makes it hard for any customer to resist a taste of new flavors and comfort. The Chopped Leaf keeps its menu selections fresh by reinventing the traditional quesadilla that is sure to intrigue and satisfy the most skeptical consumer.

Our goal is fast, fresh and healthy food delivered with exceptional timeliness for premium customer service. We raise the bar and take fast food to the next level with our quality product and superior service. From the moment our customer walks through our doors, they are given an ultimate experience with refreshing and vibrant food choices and service unmatched by any other quick service restaurant.

Modern store design and layout create an atmosphere with urban flare to match our high end menu and service.
The Chopped Leaf enters the marketplace at a pivotal moment when health awareness is at its peak.

General news media favors balanced lifestyle choices to incorporate healthy food. The Chopped Leaf introduces people to the endless possibilities that fresh produce and ingredients can be master into the ultimate meal for any occasion.
Offering three point of sale options for Dine-In, Take-Out and Catering Orders, The Chopped Leaf services a wide market to accommodate any need.


Point of Sale
endless opportunity

The Chopped Leaf differentiates itself with the quality of product and the standard of service delivered. They redefine quick service restaurant with fresh ingredients made ready to order and superior service that exceeds consumer expectations.

To capture a variety of market and service needs, it is necessary to offer dine-in, take-out, and catering.

Store design optimizes seating capacity based on the best layout for the site’s square footage and customer base. A variety of fixtures furnish the restaurant that invite guests to experience our urban atmosphere. At the forefront, our restaurant wants customer dining to be “in-and-out” to ensure table turnover; however, our goal is to bring the small luxuries of full service restaurant to our tables.

Customers place their order at our point of sale system, find seating and can expect food serviced to them on our stylish plateware that is a conversation piece in itself. Small luxuries that ensure a positive dining experience at our restaurants are the customized artwork, music selection, televisions with relevant channels featuring news or sporting events, friendly service ensuring quality food and service from the moment they drive into our parking lot to the moment they leave our doors.

Our entire menu is take-out. We focus on high foot traffic locations that invite people to experience healthy fast food. Store layouts ensures a smooth flow of traffic for easy order and pick up. Part of educating our customers about our product and service is to encourage phone-in orders to alleviate any congestion during rush hours.

The Chopped Leaf wants to capitalize on large point of sales with catering orders. A full catering menu is designed to ensure easy ordering for groups of any size. With our diligent application of appropriate marketing tools, any location has the opportunity to capture catering orders; an added bonus for locations situated within a radius of office buildings is excellent exposure for lunch meeting and office parties/functions.


Customer Service
value added

The Chopped Leaf believes fast food service should be classy and focus on customers needs and experience.

Our high standard of quality must be exemplified in all locations. Ongoing corporate support ensures confidence in all our team members. Product consistency and customer service and satisfaction are guaranteed with diligent training using our manual procedures and systems. We are fast food, we raise standards, and we add value to our customers. They will come back for more.

Return on Investment
affordable build out

Affordable initial investment and economical operating costs make The Chopped Leaf an enticing concept with opportunity for short term return on investment.

The versatility of our modern design enables various layouts to work for a variety of sites and locations whether it be an existing operation or a new site with a blank canvas.

It is advantageous to takeover a site that has existing furnishing and fixtures that require minimal leasehold improvements; however, a blank slate gives opportunity to perfect functional layout and execute precise design and furnishings. Our goal is to take all factors into consideration to make the best decision based on the economics of the build out and long term profitability for site exposure.

Location and sites with viable attributes include those with a dense population or areas with high foot traffic during daytime hours and the drive home. Demographics ranging from 30-50 years old with lifestyles seeking a healthy meal alternative pair well with our concept to promote a balanced and active lifestyle to improve overall eating habits for better wellness.

Tenant requirements are sites with square footage ranging between 500-1,800sq ft. Easy access and appropriate exposure with opportunity for signage.

Depending on site selection, leasehold improvements and equipment costs should range between $380,000 – $450,000. Equipment investment is fairly basic as no ventilation requirements are necessary to carry-out menu procedures (this is also advantageous when searching for the perfect site).

The Chopped Leaf team has all the resources to make its restaurants a success.