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The Great Canadian Get Out & Stay Out Winner – The Good Life List

BIG thanks to everybody who entered our Great Canadian Get Out & Stay Out Event photo contest. We received thousands of entries and heard amazing great stories. We are so happy to be a part of so many people’s summertime adventures and celebration of Canada’s natural wonders. After judging and evaluating all the entries, we are happy to announce the grand prize winner of a $4000 travel gift card and $1000 in Chopped Leaf gift cards!

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Tom Eaton! Below is his winning entry (lightly edited for clarity):


Ten years ago I wrote a “Good Life List” to myself. It was a collection of everything I wanted to experience and accomplish in my life time. Over the years I have slowly crossed some wonderful experiences off of this list: standing at the trunk of a Northern California Redwood; catching a sturgeon in the Fraser river; and drinking wine all morning at a Tuscan vineyard with my best friend in the world, my wife. However, one experience has proved to be somewhat elusive, perhaps I was letting fear obstruct with my notion of a life well lived. I cast my excuses aside and booked the experience months ago only to come to the realization that there was a weight limit, and unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to take part. I hadn’t seen those numbers on a scale for two decades.

When life puts an obstacle in your path, you can choose to allow it to stop you, or you can find a way to overcome it. I committed myself to daily exercise and a healthy diet which included many lunches at the North Langley Chopped Leaf. Over the course of the last four months I’ve lost 35 pounds and today I crossed #9 off my Good-Life List – Skydiving! I accomplished both goals – lost some un-needed weight and jumped out of a perfectly good plane!

As I floated through the air today taking in a breathtaking scene and the vastness of nature, it became abundantly clear, as Canadians, we have already won the lottery of life. This is my favorite nature spot, because I can see all of it: the North Shore mountains; the mighty Fraser River; and the peaks of all the hikes that I have put under my feet or will.

My healthy diet from the Chopped Leaf put me here.

Here are Tom’s additional thoughts and comments, as well as his Good Life List. We hope that his story inspires you to Get Out & Stay Out!

I have been so fortunate to experience some terrific and exhilarating experiences in my life, however without the Chopped Leaf, I would not have been able to cross #10 – Skydiving off my list.  I am blessed with a wonderful wife who supports me in whatever I want to achieve, and four amazing children who I want to be an inspiration to.  A life full of memory’s is a life well lived, here are some of my memory’s (seven photo’s attached).

As life unfolds, I add new challenges and experiences to my list, I now am intent on running a Marathon (23), experiencing a swimming (52) and a biking competition (44) and attempting a Triathlon (6), lunches at the Chopped Leaf will play an important role in helping me achieve these newly discovered ambitions.  In addition, I love to travel and winning the Get Out and Stay Out Contest is going to help me achieve number 7 – visit all 13 provinces and territories by crossing off the last two territories I have yet to visit (NWT and Nunavut), 59 – see Gros Morne National Park, and 70 – seeing the polar bears in Churchill.

I think we live in the most spectacular country in the world, I hope I can encourage a few Canadians to get out and stay out.




  1. Be a great Dad and Husband
  2. See the Super Bowl – Chiefs – if they make it in my lifetime
  3. Publish a Book
  4. See the Coliseum
  5. Run with the Bulls in Pamplona
  6. Finish a Triathlon
  7. Visit all thirteen provinces and territories in Canada
  8. The Masters on Sunday
  9. Watch the Sunrise over the Pyramids
  10. Go Skydiving
  11. Take my Kids to Disneyland
  12. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  13. Hike the Machu Picchu Trail
  14. Stand on top of the Effile Tower
  15. Kentucky Derby with $20 on the Long-Shot
  16. Play 50 of the top 100 Canadian Golf Courses
  17. Chiefs vs. Broncos @ Arrowhead
  18. Final Four Saturday Night Semi-Final
  19. Spend a Summer attending a baseball game at every Stadium in MLB
  20. Summer Olympics 100 Meter Dash
  21. Break 80
  22. Experience Pure Wilderness on an African Safari
  23. Run a Marathon
  24. Experience a Concentration Camp
  25. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  26. Wimbledon Tennis Match
  27. Formula 1 Race
  28. Stanley Cup Playoffs
  29. Swim with the Dolphins
  30. Drink Wine all morning in a Tuscan vineyard
  31. White Water Raft
  32. Stand at the Trunk of a Northern California Redwood
  33. Own a Harley Davidson
  34. Bungee Jump
  35. Prize Fight in Vegas with all the stars
  36. UFC Championship Fight
  37. World Junior Hockey Tournament
  38. Climb a Mountain – Mt. Cheam
  39. Learn how to Surf in Hawaii
  40. Fly a Fighter Jet
  41. Marvel at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel
  42. Winter Olympics Canadian Hockey Game
  43. See Mount Fuji
  44. Finish a 100 km Bike Race
  45. Dive with the Sharks
  46. See the Scandinavian Countries – Denmark, Sweden & Finland
  47. Walk the streets of Amsterdam
  48. Notre Dame Football Game
  49. See the ‘Granddaddy of them all’
  50. Attend a World Series Game
  51. See The Emerald Isle – Ireland
  52. Complete a 5 km swimming race
  53. Learn how to meditate
  54. Play the Old Course @ St. Andrews
  55. Cruise on a Sailboat through the Greek Islands
  56. See the Oregon Coast
  57. Become Fluent in another Language
  58. Indianapolis 500
  59. See Gross Mourne National Park in Newfoundland
  60. Season Opener NHL Hockey Game
  61. US Open Golf
  62. NBA Finals
  63. Take up Yoga
  64. Go to Moscow
  65. Attend a British Open Golf Tournament
  66. Catch a Sockeye in Haida Gwaii
  67. US Open Tennis in Flushing Meadows
  68. Duke vs. North Carolina in Cameron
  69. Canadians vs. Leafs in Montreal on a Saturday Night
  70. Go see the Polar Bears in Churchill, MN
  71. See an All Blacks Game in Auckland
  72. Spend a Night in the Ice Hotel in Finland
  73. Swim with the Sharks
  74. Take a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
  75. Get soaked in the Amazon Rainforest
  76. Experience the Northern Lights
  77. Drink too much Beer at October Fest
  78. Hand out Beads at Mardi Gras
  79. BCS Championship Game
  80. Welcome in the New Year in Rio @ Carnival
  81. Baseball’s Churches – Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field
  82. Catch Sturgeon on the Fraser River
  83. Learn how to Scuba Dive
  84. Learn How to Play the Guitar
  85. Learn How to Fly Fish
  86. Travel to Vietnam
  87. Stay in an over the water cabin in Bora Bora
  88. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef


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