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Gluten Free

Chef Designed Gluten Free Feature Recommendation

We have many options including a large number of our soups, dressings and desserts. The POPEYE is a great example of our Gluten Free options

feta &
roasted pecans
dressed with
fruit vinaigrette

GLUTEN FREE defines the elimination of all foods containing various wheat (including: durum, kamut, spelt), rye, barley and commercial oats. Some of the varying reasons for people adopting a gluten free diet include those with celiac disease, allergies related to gluten, or simply wanting to improve digestive systems and energy levels.

Consumer awareness brings much interest of gluten free menu options to the Chopped Leaf. As a fresh to order quick service restaurant with ample gluten free dressings & sauces; the possibilities are endless. Our guests can substitute any dressing or ingredient on the Chef Designed Menu or they can use our Design Your Own menu to create their most desirable salad.

Look for our GLUTEN FREE
friendly products