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signature dressings


Fresh dressed and sure to impress. The Chopped Leaf’s exclusive signature dressings are like no other. From our savoury goddess with sesame and soy, to our spiced up evil peanut, & our bold chipotle ranch, there is a dressing for everyone. Paired with our delicious, flavourful bowls, wraps and salads, they make a perfect combination that will satisfy any craving. Come & enjoy one on your favourite meals today, and feel good after you eat.


Everything a classic ranch offers, but taken up-a-notch with hints of garlic and dill. With just enough bite and the smooth blend of herbs, our signature dressing tastes divine with just about anything on the menu.

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chipotle ranch

We took our classic signature ranch dressing & blended it with a creamy chipotle & chili kick. If you love our classic and enjoy a hit of spice, then this has your name written all over it.

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A delicious balance of herbs & tahini, creating a creamy combination of sesame and soy with a hint of lemon. A crave worthy dressing you will want to add to everything.

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chipotle lime citrus

A hint of spice has been combined with the smooth taste of our signature lime dressing. The blend of chipotle and chili, oils, lime and herbs create a distinct flavour that gives the perfect amount of heat to any dish.

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greek vinaigrette

A staple in any classic Greek-inspired dish is feta, which is exactly why this decadent ingredient is used to bring a light & flavourful addition to our dressing. A combination of red wine vinegar, herbs like basil & oregano & Dijon mustard are sure to impress.

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creamy lemon dill

With a tangy hint of lemon and herbal notes of dill, this dressing gives any dish a refreshing, creamy taste that compliments all of our fresh ingredients.

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evil peanut

Smooth peanut butter combined with a hint of lime, chili and garlic makes for a dressing packed with irresistible flavour. Who knew one dressing could pack such a punch.

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creamy caesar

A nostalgic dressing, but unlike any other Caesar you have tasted before. This creamy combination of garlic, lemon & Dijon mustard with a few specialty ingredients create a decadent flavour you can use to dress & dip.

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chopped balsamic

Our balsamic vinaigrette is more than just oil and vinegar; it offers a harmonious flavour profile with just enough zest to please your pallet.

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Pair one of our signature dressings with your favourite bowl, salad or wrap today!